Coronavirus - Current situation

On this website you will find the latest information from the University of Bern on how to deal with the corona epidemic.

? University of Bern, 23.10.2020 - Subtitles in German, French and English can be activated.

The university is in minimal presence mode

The number of coronavirus infections has risen rapidly and an improvement of the situation is not yet within sight. The top priority therefore is the protection of everyone's health.

The following regulations and recommendations basically apply:

  • If symptoms of illness occur, stay at home and avoid contact with other people (self-isolation).
  • Masks are compulsory on the entire campus of the University of Bern. This applies to the entire perimeter of the institutions, i.e. not only inside the buildings but also their exterior spaces. (Information on masks, in German, PDF, 846KB)
  • All in-person teaching will be replaced by distance learning. This also applies to further-education courses. Only internships and laboratory courses will continue to be held in-person.
  • Home office is generally arranged, except for those areas where presence is required. Masks are compulsory in all offices as soon as more than one person is present.
  • Meetings should only be held virtually. For in-person meetings, the standard area of at least 4m2 per person must be maintained.
  • Constant and systematic attention must be paid to ensure that groups and teams do not mix.
  • In order to be able to trace personal contacts closer than 1.5 meters for longer than 15 minutes in case of an infection with Sars-CoV-2, every person is obliged to keep a personal and daily updated logbook (digitally or by using this form). The logbook must be kept for 4 weeks.
  • It is recommended to install the official Swiss Covid app. If it can be verified that all the people present have installed and activated the app, there is no need for a logbook entry.
  • It is recommended to avoid large crowds of people and avoid public transport durig rush hour.

Procedure for those who show symptoms of disease

If symptoms of illness occur, stay at home and avoid contact with other people (self-isolation).

Inform your doctor. Your doctor will decide whether a test is appropriate.

If you are tested and the result is positive, you must continue to isolate yourself. The competent cantonal authority will contact you and discuss all further steps. The cantonal authority will also inform you when the isolation can end.

If the test result is negative, you can leave isolation 24 hours after the last symptoms of the disease have subsided.

Points of contact

The university’s in-house physician, Benny Wohlfarth, is the first point of contact for lecturers and employees with medical questions related to Covid-19 – in particular for questions regarding the handling of people who have tested positive. He can be contacted during the mornings, Monday to Friday, by telephone at +41 31 631 42 98 or +41 75 500 08 98 and by e-mail at

Public Events and Infrastructure

The university buildings are basically open.

Events with an external audience are no longer permitted. Any such planned events must be cancelled.

The attended events in continuing education will be replaced by distance learning.

Events of the Senior Citizens' University and of the Universitédes aînes de langue française de Berne (UNAB) will be cancelled.

The library reading rooms will now only be accessible to members of the University of Bern and the PH Bern. The number of study places will be reduced. An obligatory contact tracing will be introduced. Lending counters will remain open to the non-university public. More information

Unisport will be completely closed. More information (in German)

Business and private trips abroad

Anyone entering Switzerland from a country or area with a high risk of infection must go into quarantine for ten days. You can find further information on this here.

Responsibilities and directives

The crisis management unit and the University Executive Board are responsible for the drafting and enactment of university directives.

Organizational units (institutes, departments, divisions) are responsible for the implementation and monitoring of the University's directives. The responsibility lies directly with the managers of the respective organisational units.

In every situation, a substitute regulation must be established.

The following directives generally describe the minimum standards in principle. In case of doubt, whichever option that minimizes the risk of spreading the disease, based on local conditions, should be chosen.

Covid 19- Regulation 2 with validity for AS2020 (in German) (PDF, 275KB) Protect yourself and others - hygiene rules (FOPH) (PDF, 4.2 MB) Personal daily logbook (form) (WORD, 46KB) Protective measures for those particularly at risk (in German) (PDF, 277KB)